NVIDIA DLSS Ultra Quality Mode Discovered in UE5 Alongside Version 2.2.9


While AMD launched its FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) spatial upscaling technique last week, NVIDIA isn't sitting on the proverbial laurels with its Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS). As spotted a few hours ago by Reddit user Reinhardovich in the Unreal Engine 5 DLSS documentation notes, an Ultra Quality mode is under testing.

Mode Description Resolution Support GPU Support
OFF Turns DLSS off. N/A N/A
ULTRA PERFORMANCE Offers the highest performance boost. Recommended for 8K gameplay only. ALL RESOLUTIONS ALL RTX GPUs
PERFORMANCE Offers a higher performance boost than balanced mode. ALL RESOLUTIONS ALL RTX GPUs
BALANCED Offers both optimized performance and image quality ALL RESOLUTIONS ALL RTX GPUs
QUALITY Offers a higher image quality than balanced mode. ALL RESOLUTIONS ALL RTX GPUs
ULTRA QUALITY* Offers the highest image quality. ALL RESOLUTIONS ALL RTX GPUs

The asterisk warns Unreal Engine 5 developers that this DLSS mode is a 'placeholder for future feature updates', though, and therefore should not be enabled for the end user yet. Still, it's probably a good idea to offer it given that Quality Mode currently scales up from 66.6% of the input resolution, whereas FSR already comes with an Ultra Quality mode that scales up from 77% of the input resolution.

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The Reddit user also noticed that the DLSS version that comes with Unreal Engine 5 is 2.2.9, which is newer than any we've seen previously (Rainbow Six Siege and LEGO Builder's Journey, for instance, have version 2.2.6). However, Digital Foundry's Alexander Battaglia quickly tested that newer doesn't necessarily mean better, as DLSS 2.2.9 seems to handle ghosting much worse than version 2.2.6 or even version 2.1.66 (the one bundled with DOOM Eternal).

Perhaps it's because DLSS version 2.2.9 isn't really ready for public usage yet. Still, it's clear that NVIDIA is working on continually improving DLSS, and we expect AMD will do the same with FSR. The results can only be beneficial to gamers.

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