Nolan North: “It’s Great That Naughty Dog Allowed Nathan Drake to Mature”

At a recent event in London, Nolan North, the man behind Nathan Drake, took to the stage with PlayStation Access' own Hollie Bennett to answer your questions about working on the Uncharted series, including the upcoming Uncharted 4.

You can watch the video below:

Nolan North discusses motion capture and praises Naughty Dog for allowing Nathan Drake to mature:


"I think that it's great that a developer has allowed the character to age and grow and mature with all of us," he said. "Previously, this sort of thing never happened – y'know, it was always like... That's the character and he's going to go and kick ass again, let's do it."

He continues to talk about Drake's character and how we can relate to him:

"If you think about the things that make him such an interesting hero it's that he's very much like all of us," he added. "He's a guy that never sought to be a hero, and he never starts the fight. But he always finds a way to get through things, like we all do – heck, I've got a 15-year-old son, so everyday's a challenge."

Nolan concludes:

"I'm so happy that they've allowed Nathan Drake to age, because otherwise I wouldn't be playing him."

Naughty Dog released a quite interesting video detailing what the job of a Visual Effect Artist at the highly acclaimed studio entails. Aiming to attract new talent, VFX artists Eben Cook and Iki Ikram, give us a small glimpse of a work-in-progress explosion in Uncharted 4 (at the 2.54 mark) and of some shooting (at the 0:40 mark).

Naughty Dog is all hands on deck preparing for E3 2015

We have recently mentioned that Naughty Dog is all hands on deck in preparation for E3, and during a livestream to support Supply Drop 2015 the studio's QA lead Trevor Stevens talked about the testing being done on Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.

Sony has recently announced the time and date for its E3 2015 Press Conference, which will be held at 6:30 PM PDT on Monday, June 15. The event itself will take place at the L.A. Memorial Sports Arena in Los Angeles.

Sony Computer Entertainment CEO, Andrew House, during his presentation for the Electronics Investor Relations Day 2015, he shared his expectations for E3 2015.

“I think that E3 this year will be an exciting show. I think that it will be a show where we see the next generation of hardware really start to deliver great content and great experiences that if not take full advantage of the platform, will a lot more advantage than we’ve seen before.

I think we’re seeing games become bigger experiences, that trend has not changed. I gave a first party example with Bloodborne earlier, I was reading some of the game media reviews on that. Some of the gaming press were calling this “the first proper next-gen title.” I really hope to see more of these experiences emerging at E3.”

Guerilla's open world RPG, Horizon, is probably going to be revealed with hopefully some beautiful gameplay, and we might get a teaser of Sucker Punch' new title. We can hope for a PS4 God of War announcement as well.

Insomniac will give us a glimpse of the Ratchet & Clank reboot title for the PS4, which is a re-imagining of the franchise set to release alongside the movie in 2016. We will likely get a better look at Project Morpheus, along with a few VR optimised titles, and probably a release date for the device.

The new title from Quantic Dream should most definitely be revealed, which will surely be something to look forward to, as their Dark Sorcerer demo at E3 2013 was truly something spectacular and demonstrated the potential of the PlayStation 4 hardware in the capable hands of the Quantic Dream studio, led by the visionary David Cage.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is currently planned for a Spring 2016 release for the PlayStation 4. We will bring you any new information on Uncharted 4 and Naughty Dog as soon as it becomes available, but we can surely look forward to the game having a huge presence at E3 2015 later this month, and we will be sure to bring you full coverage from the show floor.

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