HMD Global Marketing Executive Admits Nokia 9 PureView Is Delayed Because of Its Complex Penta-Lens Camera System


Multiple rumors so far have claimed that the Nokia 9 PureView would be unveiled before the end of the year but the company’s licensee’s executive has officially confirmed that the phone will not be seeing the light of day before early 2019. Although HMD Global has done a pretty remarkable job of resuscitating the Nokia brand, the company hasn’t been able to make waves in the high-end category and apparently the Nokia 9 PureView could be a ticket to that. Perhaps that’s why the company is reluctant to push out a half-baked product to the market.

The Complex Camera System Is Behind the Delay

In a recent interview, the German marketing boss of the company, Britta Gerbracht acknowledged that the Nokia 9 PureView has been subject to several delays but the company wants to focus on quality before releasing its next top model. As previously suspected, Nokia is apparently struggling with the implementation of the PureView camera technology acquired from Microsoft not too long ago.

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Moreover, this is a phone with a Penta-lens camera setup, and the company and the manufacturer partner Foxconn has run into some developmental challenges. Instead of compromising on quality by releasing the phone before its ready for the market, HMD Global wants to fix the problem. Gerbracht has also admitted that the previously released high-end models such as the Nokia 8 Sirocco didn’t benefit the bottom line as they had hoped, and for the next year, it’s the company’s goal to make a mark in the high-end sector.

Apparently, the company wants to play it safe, as the German marketing manager appears a little cautious about introducing major innovations. This means that we might have to wait until 2020 or 2021 before we see HMD Global churning out smartphones with innovative technologies. It makes sense as HMD Global is still a relatively new company and it needs time to stabilize itself before taking risks.

We’d love to see what the Nokia 9 PureView will be able to accomplish in the camera department, and if you’d like to learn more about it, check out the links given below.

News Source: WinFuture