All HMD Devices Are Now Running Android Pie As of Today


In the fragmented, chaotic world of Android smartphones, very few OEMs commit to delivering timely software updates for all their devices. HMD Global is one of them and they've done a stellar job of delivering software updates. It is one of the few companies that emphasise on providing a uniform software experience across all devices, regardless of the cost. It is common for a lot of OEMs to met out step-motherly treatment to their low-priced devices and that's a part of the reason why so many of them are still running on older versions on Android. Today, the Nokia 1 is receiving its much-awaited Android Pie update. HMD product manager Juho Sarvikas Tweeted the following

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The Nokia 1 is just about as entry-level as it gets. The device retails at a mere $90 comes with specs that would be laughable even two years ago. At best, it can serve as an emergency device for when your daily driver is not functional. A lot of more expensive devices packing more powerful hardware are still stuck on Android Nougat or Oreo and it's refreshing to see a smartphone in the ultra-low-cost segment run Pie.

HMD Global now joins the likes of Google and Essential

Not a lot of companies can boast about all of their devices running the latest version of Android. Even the two-year-old Nokia 6 and Nokia 8 are now running stable versions of Pie. Considering that HMD has been releasing smartphones for two years only and has promised updates for just as long, it is a commendable feat. HMD Global is still unable to compete with the likes of Xiaomi and Honor in the ultra-low-cost segment, but guaranteed software support along with a clean, bloatware-free Android experience is sure to turn some heads. As time passes, some of the older Nokia devices will be stuck on Android Pie, but that's an inevitability. If all OEMs were half as dedicated as HMD, fragmentation wouldn't be half as bad as it was. Google and OnePlus have ushered in the era of three major software upgrades for eligible devices and hope that HMD follows suit.