Nokia 9 PureView Launch Dream Still Alive – High-End Phone Reportedly Codenamed ‘Olympic’

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Nokia 9 PureView codename Olympic

HMD Global, the licensee for the Nokia brand name has slowly been increasing its market share with the launch of affordable and durable handsets. The only other recent exception was when the company unveiled the Nokia 7.1 Plus, its first premium device powered by the Snapdragon 710. So far, a Nokia-branded flagship has yet to surface, with the Nokia 9 PureView delayed to 2019. If you expected this device to be a distant memory, you might be proven incorrect thanks to the latest leak.

Metadata From the FIH OTA Server Also Reveals That Nokia 9 PureView Is Running Android 9 Pie With the November Security Patch

The Nokia 9 PureView was internally known as ‘A1P’, or ‘A1 Plus’, which a Snapdragon 845 and in-display fingerprint scanner reportedly part of the package. With the device delayed till 2019, lots of readers might be thinking that the project might be canned completely. However, metadata from the FIH server reveals that the codename of the upcoming flagship is ‘Olympic’. For the flagship that was slated to arrive in 2018, it is not surprising that the device is running the Android 9 Pie with the latest November security patch.

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According to LoveNokia, the symbol of the Olympics highlights a total of five rings. This could be a hint that the upcoming Nokia 9 PureView will feature a penta-lens (five lenses) camera system at the back. If Samsung is able to launch its Galaxy A9 (2018) with a quadruple camera setup, it is not crazy to believe that the Nokia 9 PureView will take it one step further.

However, the device might also be codenamed Olympic for a different reason; something that we’ll most likely find out in 2019. The one disappointing bit about this leak is that HMD Global and Nokia might not incorporate Qualcomm’s latest and greatest Snapdragon 8150 that is made on the 7nm FinFET technology. Instead, it could use the same Snapdragon 845 present in countless waves of 2018’s Android-powered flagships.

For a lot of customers that want the best from the industry, this might become a tiny problem. However, if the penta-lens camera system turns out to be true, it could do wonders for the smartphone. As always, we’ll be here providing you with the latest updates about the Nokia 9 PureView, so stay tuned.

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News Source: LoveNokia

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