Nokia 6 Purchase Right Now Will Land You a Free Mophie Powerbank

Nokia 6 Purchase Right Now Will Land You a Free Mophie Powerbank

Nokia 6 is a sub-$250 smartphone that sports outstanding build quality for the price it is being sold for right now. While the future will see that the phone continues to get a wave of discounts, how about a useful freebie in return? If you purchase the Nokia 6 right now, you will get a free Mophie powerbank with that purchase.

Latest Deal Gives You a Free 5,200mAh Mophie Workstation Powerbank if You Pick up the Nokia 6

Head over to Slick Deals right now and you will see that the Nokia 6 with 32GB of onboard storage carries a price of $229.99. However, that is not the exciting part of this deal because if you read the text given in the image below, you will get a free Mophie workstation 5,200mAh powerbank for no extra cost.

Mophie makes premium smartphone accessories but they are sold for a pretty penny, and this one time, you will only be required to spend money on the Nokia 6 and you will be able to charge the device multiple times. A powerbank is going to be your best friend when there is no power brick or power source to charge the device from.

The Nokia 6 itself features a 3,000mAh battery, which should last you for a whole day, but if by chance you forget to charge it, the Mophie workstation will come to your rescue on that day. If you want the Nokia 6 for an even cheaper price, you can buy it via Amazon, but that will not mean that you will get a free Mophie workstation powerbank.

Our recommendation is to avail the deal where you get the freebie because it is the same smartphone and there is no telling when you’ll be graced with another offer such as this.

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