Nokia 6 Receives a Price Cut – Now Available at Practically Entry-Level Pricing


The Nokia 6 was the first Android-powered handset released by HMD Global and quickly became a global favorite. With newer iterations of the smartphone already being sold, it would be necessary for price cuts to kick in, and that is exactly what has happened.

The first-generation Nokia 6 carries a price of $199.99 on Newegg, but if you want to purchase it right now for the aforementioned price tag, you will need to enter a coupon code. Punch in the code EMCSPUPU3 and get a decent discount off the smartphone.

In case you are wondering, it features a Snapdragon 430 and has one of the most durable builds for an affordable handset in this pricing category, and that is really saying a lot. You can check out the video below to see that the phone does not even flinch during the bend test, and that is really impressive.

In a Nokia 6 teardown, it shows that the smartphone requires a lot of screws for its motherboard to be kept in place, even though it is going to be a complete nightmare for the guys carrying out the teardown process. However, for the consumer, it is definitely a plus to have and we’ll tell you why.

Even if a smartphone features a metal body, it would still be in danger of snapping because there would be no screws beneath the middle of the frame to provide rigidity to the device, but not with this. If you want to grab something with a bit more punch and a device that is running a cleaner UI of Android, you can always pick up the Nokia 6.1.

  • Buy Nokia 6 from Newegg for $199.99
  • Buy Nokia 6.1 (second-generation that runs Android One) from Amazon