Mophie Juice Pack Connect Attaches to Your Phone for Wireless Charging

Furqan Shahid
Mophie Juice Pack Connect Attaches to Your Phone for Wireless Charging

When talking about giving your device a boost in battery percentage when it is running out, you either have power banks or battery cases. While power banks are preferred largely as they can be stored away, the same cannot be said about battery cases, as they attach to your phone and quite simply, add bulk to your device, as well. Mophie is known for creating such battery cases, and they are popular, to say the least. However, the latest invention from Mophie is a bit different.

Mophie has launched the Juice Pack Connect battery that attaches to your phone with an anchor and provides you with enough power to get through a day or a couple based on what use you have.

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Mophie Juice Pack Connect is Exactly How Battery Cases Should be Made

The approach here is a very interesting one, as the Juice Pack Connect is a wireless battery pack, what it does is that instead of hiding the case, or putting it somewhere different, it simply attaches to the back of your phone using an anchor. It houses a 5,000 mAh Qi-based battery inside and can charge your phone wirelessly. Which eliminates the need of having a bulky battery case. Here is how it works.

See how simple it is? In order to recharge the Juice Pack Connect, you can use any Qi wireless charger or a USB-C cable. The same USB-C port can charge the devices too. If you want to buy one, you are also going to get a phone grip that doubles up as a stand, in case you want to watch videos when you are not using the battery pack.

For those wondering, the Mophie Juice Pack can work with any phone capable of wireless charging, however, the overall endurance of battery is going to vary from device to device. I can see this running out after charging my Galaxy S20 Plus a single time from 0 to 100. Someone else's usage may vary. According to Mophie, you will get an additional 70% battery with an iPhone 11 Pro, although it will not apply to phones with larger batteries.

For those interested in buying, the Mophie Juice Pack Connect is now available for $80. There is no denying that is is relatively expensive as compared to the competition, but it is better if you are looking for something that is portable, and wireless. It also is a lot easier to carry, so that is certainly an added benefit.

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