Nokia 6 Teardown Shows That Affordable Devices Can Also Have a Premium Build Quality

Omar Sohail
Nokia 6 teardown

When Nokia 6 was officially announced, there were mixed feelings about the smartphone. The decisions that manufacturers take to incorporate hardware inside the device is also based on the kind of pricing it will feature. Most phone makers also undertake a very sub-standard assembly process to save costs and mint profits from consumers, so let us see how the latest teardown rates Nokia 6.

Nokia 6 Requires a Lot of Screws for Motherboard to Be Kept in Place – Company Uses Very Convenient Way for Teardown Experts to Replace Batteries

Looking at the images, it appears that the Nokia 6 requires a lot of screws for its motherboard to be kept in place, even though its going to be a complete nightmare for the guys carrying out the teardown process. However, for the consumer, it is definitely a plus to have and we’ll tell you why. Even if a smartphone features a metal body, it would still be in danger of snapping because there would be no screws beneath the middle of the frame to provide rigidity to the device, but not with this.

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Also, after a Chinese teardown team (via Nokiapoweruser) revealed how the battery was incorporated, it was a pleasing sight because it is something that most manufacturers do not abide by. The battery is attached to another frame present in the smartphone, which makes it very easy to pry off and replace at the same time. With several other flagships, removing the battery is definitely an ordeal and you also risk the cell getting punctured while you’re using your pry tool because it is fixed into position at the rear side of the phone.


With this frame, the battery can easily rest comfortably, and it also gives strength to the smartphone in the process. Despite the Snapdragon 430, which looks like to be the only gripe in this phone from a hardware standpoint, you can see that Nokia definitely had some foresight and never skimped out on saving costs from assembling the phone properly. Thumbs up to the manufacturer for looking out for us consumers.

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