No Xbox One X Patch Coming for RiME, Tequila Works Confirms

Alessio Palumbo
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For a long time, RiME featured on Microsoft's official Xbox One X enhanced list as one of the games due to be updated to take advantage of the console's increased horsepower.

This made sense as RiME featured PlayStation 4 Pro enhancements, revealed on Wccftech via an exclusive interview published ahead of the game's launch last year. You can find those below.

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  • On PS4 Pro we have achieved an even better frame rate, with an increase that ranges between 5 and 10 fps depending on the game’s area
  • Much better quality of the shadows
  • Temporal antialiasing has better quality, obtaining more definition and quality in the AA filter
  • The LODs’ distance has been tweaked to increase the visual quality of fauna and flora during the time they are rendered
  • More definition in the texture filter
  • The VFX, shaders, materials and translucency has better quality too so we can have, for example, more realistic metals, better screen space reflections and better detail level in general

The game was however recently removed from the official Xbox One X enhanced list and we reached out to Tequila Works, which confirmed that there are no current plans to release an Xbox One X patch for RiME. Disappointing news for sure, though it should be said that Tequila Works is a small studio with limited resources and that certainly factored in this decision.

Regardless of the Xbox One X update, RiME is absolutely worth playing as pointed out by Francesco in his review of the game.

After such a long and troubled development, many feared that RiME would be a failure, but Tequila Works proved that there can be light at the end of the tunnel. With peculiar storytelling, varied puzzles, well-crafted platforming elements and gorgeous presentation, RiME can rival with the unique beauty of Team ICO's games.

In fact, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can play it for free as RiME is currently part of the available library. If you don't have Xbox Game Pass though you can just buy it via Microsoft Store.

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