No More Heroes’ Suda51 Would Love to Work on a Deadpool Game, 3 New IPs in the Works

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Goichi Suda (aka Suda51) just delivered his biggest game in years in No More Heroes III, but the iconoclastic creator isn’t done yet. During a recent Q&A with IGN Japan, Suda revealed that he and his studio Grasshopper Manufacture have plenty in the works, and that he’d love to work on a Marvel franchise, provided Disney had the guts to let him (thanks to Ishaan Sahdev for the following transcription).

The broad answer is that we already have a lot of products that are [in development]. Over the next 10 years, we have three original IPs that we are working on and we have already planned out. So, you can definitely look forward to a lot of new, interesting, original IPs from Grasshopper.

We also of course have other plans, and we're working hard on them […] to bring [them] to fruition. But thinking about things I'd love to do, I'd love to work with Marvel, like on a Shatterstar or Deadpool [project] -- or something very Grasshopper-ey like that. Maybe a Quicksilver title of some sort. So, Marvel.

Come on Disney, let it happen. I mean, a Deadpool game could essentially be No More Heroes with a Marvel skin, so we know Suda could do it. Speaking of No More Heroes, what’s in the future for that series? Suda has hinted this may be the last game, but the game itself hints otherwise. Suda clarified what’s actually going on…

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The initial start of No More Heroes was a collaborative venture between Spike Chunsoft and Marvelous, and obviously Grasshopper. Partway through, Spike Chunsoft kind of left the general group and it was just Marvelous and Grasshopper. But Marvelous possesses the IP to No More Heroes.

For No More Heroes III, Marvelous was extremely cooperative and they basically gave Grasshopper the IP to work with for five years, and just said, "Go for it. Do whatever you want. You have creative freedom." And first of all, we're really thankful for that opportunity to revisit this series that we love and do whatever we want with it. And whether or not there will be another title in the No More Heroes series, I can't say yes and I can't say no. The IP has returned to Marvelous, so nobody knows what's going to happen, but that's all I can really say.

In the meantime, No More Heroes III is definitely worth checking out. It’s a big, ambitious mess of a game, but I found its good parts more than made up for its faults in my full review

No More Heroes III is a glorious, gory mess, bursting with excitement and creativity from beginning to end. The game’s intensity does shift down a gear when exploring its dated open world, but its best moments shine bright enough to keep your heart and beam katana pumping through the slower bits. Suda51 has scored another bloody Touchdown.

No More Heroes III is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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