No More Heroes III Switch/PS5 Comparison Video Shows Much Sharper Next-Gen Visuals

Nathan Birch
No More Heroes III

No More Heroes III was a lot of wild Suda51 fun when it launched on Switch last year, but there’s no denying the game was pushing up against the limits of what was possible on Nintendo’s console (or the limits of what Grasshopper Manufacture could get out of it at least). Well, as of today, No More Heroes III is available on PC and Xbox and PlayStation consoles, so those limitations should no longer be an issue.

The folks at GameXplain compared No More Heroes III running on Switch and PS5, and the game does indeed look a lot better on Sony’s console. Granted, the basic assets are still relatively simple, but the resolution is much higher (4K/60fps on PS5) lighting is more detailed, and performance is much smoother in the open world (even on Switch, framerates were solid during combat). You can check out the comparison for yourself, below.

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Still not exactly a graphical showcase, but overall, a more polished version of the game, at least on PS5. I can't speak to other platforms just yet. Haven’t been keeping up with No More Heroes III? I found it to be a bloody good time on Switch in my full review

“No More Heroes III is a glorious, gory mess, bursting with excitement and creativity from beginning to end. The game’s intensity does shift down a gear when exploring its dated open world, but its best moments shine bright enough to keep your heart and beam katana pumping through the slower bits. Suda51 has scored another bloody Touchdown.”

No More Heroes III is available now on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and Switch. What do you think? Going to give Travis Touchdown’s latest a spin now that it’s on more platforms? Or do you have No More Interest in this franchise?

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