No Man’s Sky: Frontiers New Major Update Details Revealed

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I've got to admit; I enjoy writing about No Man's Sky. I've made it abundantly clear when covering some of the many major updates for the game that Hello Games are a developer worth trusting. I also enjoy when a few mouthbreathers crawl out to say that, somehow, No Man's Sky is "a scam" and "unfinished" because the developers are still releasing content for it - ignoring that such a statement would make every game ever a scam. And, on the subject of new content, we have some details on No Man's Sky: Frontiers.

Announced a little under a month ago, on the games' fifth anniversary, Hello Games are now giving us a look at No Man's Sky: Frontiers and - at the risk of eliciting groans - it certainly looks like Hello Games are exploring a whole new frontier. Maybe not space, the final frontier, as we've already been there, but somewhere more personal. YES. I SAID IT. STOP GROANING.

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So what of this new update? What is No Man's Sky: Frontiers going to bring? If the image from above doesn't give it away, you're going to find settlements on the already-inhabited planets that you discover and explore. Not only can you find these settlements around, interacting with them and the NPC's found within, but you can also become the overseer of such a settlement.

Yes, you, an overseer. It's actually taking it a bit closer to Star Trek than you first thought. Maybe this is space, the final frontier. I SAID STOP GROANING. No, but in reality, this feels like the next logical extension for No Man's Sky and something any other game would use as a hook for a sequel - like many of the free updates over the years. As the overseer of a settlement, you can help it grow, resolve disputes between the settlers within, manage its finances, how it will grow and expand, and even any conflicts the settlement may come into.

Essentially, the hook of Fallout 4, the brand new gameplay feature to promote a sequel - that's coming free to No Man's Sky. For a brief list of the new features, find them in a lovely quote box below the next set of screenshots from No Man's Sky: Frontiers.



Clusters of pioneering aliens have banded together to build planetary settlements. These little communities, bustling with life and promise, can now be found on all inhabited planets across the galaxies.

Submit your management credentials to become overseer of a settlement, rename it, and assume leadership over its citizens. The settler population will look to you for town planning, treasury management, policy decisions and conflict resolution.

Every settlement is procedurally generated, with unique buildings, neighbourhood layouts, colour schemes, and interior and exterior decoration.

Ungoverned settlements start off small and modest, with a sparse population and only a few buildings scattered around their town centre. Provide resources to construct new buildings and transform your ramshackle collection of dwellings into a flourishing town!

Settlement life is not always harmonious! As overseer, you will occasionally be called upon to help resolve disagreements between settlers. Fair and compassionate judgements will result in happier citizens!

Construct your own settlement-inspired bases with a huge array of new base parts. New structural sets of timber, stone and alloy pieces create a tremendous range of possible building shapes. Over a hundred new decorative parts create all-new ways to add personal character to bases.

This community adventure has a different feeling from previous expeditions. Travellers will begin their journey with a technologically unique starship, featuring an advanced waveform engine and powerful frameshift catapult.

Interstellar clouds have gathered in deep space to form spectacular multi-coloured nebulas, making space skies more beautiful than ever.

Almost all of the game’s visual effects have been revisited, revamped and improved. Weapons and explosions feel much more punchy and add a new visceral element to combat.

Introducing a clean, minimal, contextual HUD to place, scale, rotate and recolour base parts. See all your building parts in an easy-to-parse grid. You’ll notice some you forgot about! You can now pick up and move base parts you’ve placed, duplicate parts, or build impossible new structures in free place mode.

Coming soon another round of in-game No Man’s Sky rewards will be available to earn by watching streamers play the game on Twitch.

For the full details of the patch that comes alongside the new features of No Man's Sky: Frontiers, you can find the full notes over on Hello Games' website, right here. You can also check out the trailer below.

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