No Performance Numbers Were Revealed for Samsung’s RDNA2-Based Xclipse 920 GPU, Casting Doubt on Its Claims


During the Exynos 2200 unveiling, which was done through a press release, Samsung provided all the specification details surrounding its latest and greatest SoC, except for one, and a notable one at that. The company did not give any performance numbers for the GPU. What is supposed to be an innovative smartphone graphics solution in the form of the Xclipse 920 that is based on AMD’s RDNA2 architecture, it is appalling that Samsung missed the opportunity to heavily market this breakthrough by giving us some performance metrics.

Then again, there would be a reason why those stats were left out, and we will be discussing that right here.

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Samsung Did Not Even Bother Comparing the Xclipse 920 to Last Year’s ARM Mali-G78 M14 GPU Found in the Exynos 2100

Never mind comparing the Xclipse 920 to its competitors like the A15 Bionic GPU, or the new Adreno 730 belonging to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, Samsung did not even compare the Exynos 2200 to last year’s Exynos 2100. All the while, the Korean giant has prattling that the new graphics processor brings ‘console quality graphics’ to smartphones. If you wish to see the entire statement from the chipset’s landing page, check it out below.

“Console quality graphics now on mobile with the Exynos 2200 mobile processor. The Samsung Xclipse GPU sets to usher in a new era and completely change the way we experience mobile gaming. Playtime is well and truly over.”

Not revealing any performance data of the new Xclipse 920 GPU will cast a shadow of doubt on its performance, and even if Samsung did not reveal anything to us, there are always past reports to take out that information and piece together the clues. For instance, before the Exynos 2200 was officially unveiled, the tipster Ice Universe revealed on Weibo that the chipset’s announcement was postponed as Samsung was running into overheating problems with the GPU.

Apparently, Samsung was targeting a high GPU clock speed to achieve an unrivaled authority in the smartphone space and possibly even holding its own against Apple’s A15 Bionic. Unfortunately, it was unable to maintain its desired frequency of 1.90GHz, forcing Samsung to reduce those speeds to prevent temperatures from rising and eventually result in thermal throttling.

Our guess is Samsung refrained from releasing any performance data of the Xclipse 920 because it is still making adjustments to it, possibly hoping that it can make the necessary tweaks before officially unveiling the Galaxy S22 series. Speaking of the Galaxy S22 series, one Samsung official reportedly stated that the Exynos 2200 unveiling would happen on the same date as the Galaxy S22 launch, which according to previously published information, is February 8.

Well, surprise, because the Exynos 2200’s announcement came much earlier than that, but we might have an idea why this was done. If Samsung were to release the Xclipse 920 GPU’s performance numbers and those figures were far from what real-world results achieved when tested on the Galaxy S22 series, the company could face wave after wave of criticism, with its Exynos brand suffering a reputation blow that would probably take ages to recover from. For now, we will remain patient and hope that Samsung gives us what we desire when it officially announces the Galaxy S22 family next month.

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