Exynos 2200’s AMD RDNA2 GPU Reaching High Temperatures – Samsung Rumored to Make Adjustments, Then Launch It

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Exynos 2200’s AMD RDNA2 GPU Reaching High Temperatures - Samsung Rumored to Make Adjustments, Then Launch It

Samsung postponing the Exynos 2200 caught us all by surprise, but there was a genuine reason for this move, according to an update from a popular tipster. Apparently, the Korean manufacturer wants to make adjustments to the AMD RDNA2 GPU’s frequency to prevent it from overheating, though this effort may take more time.

Samsung’s Targeted Frequency for the AMD RDNA2 GPU Was 1.90GHz, but Overheating Issues Have Persisted

The update regarding Samsung’s efforts to stabilize the AMD RDNA2 GPU’s clock speeds comes from Ice Universe. Usually, he updates his followers on Twitter, but on this occasion, he took to Weibo, where he initially started out. According to him, the graphics processor that is integrated to the Exynos 2200 has a desired target frequency of 1.90GHz.

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Unfortunately, Samsung hit a massive roadblock according to him, as high-temperature issues persisted. The company decided to mitigate this problem by lowering the clock speed because with all chips, turning down those frequencies reduces temperatures drastically. The second target was reaching 1.69GHz, which again, Samsung failed at when it came to stabilizing thermals.

The company supposedly tried to make adjustments by lowering the GPU clock speeds down to 1.49GHz, but to no avail. The current frequency of the AMD RDNA2 is sitting at 1.29GHz, and since the update on Weibo does not report Samsung going below those numbers, it is safe to assume that 1.29GHz was where the graphics processor was not going wild in terms of skyrocketing temperatures.

Ice Universe does point out that Samsung has currently planned to make some tweaks and raise those GPU clock speeds to 1.49GHz to some themselves some level of dignity, but he does not provide any evidence of the company’s progress. One update we did receive earlier was that the Galaxy S22 series may launch exclusively with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, cutting out the Exynos 2200 altogether.

Whatever impact this might have on the Galaxy S22 launch, we will find out later, but for now, it definitely looks like Samsung and its employees are working round the clock to tweak the AMD RDNA2 GPU to reach a frequency threshold without going overboard with temperatures. When Samsung is expected to achieve its desired result is anyone’s guess, but we will continue to update our readers accordingly.

Do you think Samsung has made the right move to delay the Exynos 2200 in favor of making adjustments to the GPU to maximize performance and minimize high temperatures? Tell us down in the comments.

News Source: Ice Universe

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