Zelda Twilight Princess On NVIDIA Shield Is Supposedly Emulated, Hinting At Fully Working Nintendo Switch GameCube Emulator


Back in early December, Nintendo and NVIDIA confirmed that Wii and GameCube games would soon become available on NVIDIA Shield in China. According to an online report, the games are actually running through emulation, which may hint at some future Nintendo Switch Virtual Console developments.

Twitter user Marvin reported a few hours ago that Zelda Twilight Princess on NVIDIA Shield is actually emulated, meaning that there is a fully working GameCube emulator that could run on the Nintendo Switch console.

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BREAKING DEVELOPMENT: Through looking at executable strings it was discovered that TP on the Chinese Shield is actually emulated after all. So Nintendo has a working GC emulator available for the Switch that performs very well

Additionally, it seems like emulation is quite accurate, as the game holds constant 30 FPS and loads quickly.

The TP emulation pretty much held constant 30 fps for the entire duration and the game is one of the most demanding games on the Cube. Also it has absolutely SICK loads, so you know whats in store for your favourite games. Higher res, very fast loads and next to no lag.

The Nintendo Switch has been released almost one year ago, but there is still no news on possible Virtual Console offerings. Last we heard was around one year ago when rumors suggested that Nintendo would talk more about the service on Switch before launch. Additionally, rumors suggested that there would be VC titles transfers from both Wii U and 3DS. With the recent NVIDIA Shield development, there's a good chance that Nintendo will finally talk about the matter, and we will let you know more as soon as possible.