Nintendo Switch Virtual Console Details To Come Two Weeks Before Launch; Metroid, Assassin’s Creed To Be Shown At E3 – Rumor


The Nintendo Switch console is less than a month away, but there still are some important details to be revealed, such as how the Virtual Console service will work on the console, which games will be available for download at launch and more. Apparently, we will be hearing more on the matter pretty close to the console's launch.

In a new video by Studio Q, it's revealed that Nintendo will talk more about the Nintendo Switch Virtual Console two weeks before the console releases. The Japanese company is expected to also reveal more on VC games transfers from both Wii U and 3DS.

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In the video, there also additional details on games coming to the Nintendo Switch in the future. According to sources, the Disgaea 5 release date will be revealed next week. Additionally, Nintendo will show a new Metroid and the next Assassin's Creed game running on Switch at this year's E3. The rumored LA Noire port should also be there.

As it always is with rumors, we have to take everything with a grain of salt. Today's source is the first one that talked about the LA Noire Switch port, with other sources later corroborating the rumor, but we cannot be sure until an official announcement comes in.

Yesterday, we reported how bringing NVIDIA's GeForce to the Nintendo Switch development was top priority for the company.

The PC has been a major gaming device, especially outside of Japan, and my top priority in the development of the Nintendo Switch hardware was to bring NVIDIAʼs GeForce, which has played a key role in realizing high-performance graphics for PC gaming, to our hardware with low power consumption. The term “crossover” is sometimes used to describe the unprecedented value that is realized when merging two different attractive things (such as, in this case, high performance and low power consumption, and playing both indoors and outdoors). I feel that Nintendo Switch is a new and unique crossover in its achievement of high performance, comparable to that of PC, both in front of your TV set and in your hands.

Nintendo Switch launches in all regions on March 3rd.