Nexus 6P Could Have A Ridiculously High Amount Of Internal Storage

Omar Sohail

After it was found out that the upcoming Nexus duo of smartphones are going to be called Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, we have some more information regarding the hardware specification of Nexus 6P.

Nexus 6P Could Come With 128GB Of Internal Memory As The Highest Storage Version

Only Nexus 6 was the smartphone from Google’s own brand that sported 64GB of internal memory. Though the smartphone’s ludicrously high price tag concluded the product as a commercial failure, it was the first time that we saw a handset from this brand sport a high amount of internal storage. This only meant that there was a high chance that its successor could sport a higher amount of on-board storage.

According to a source, Nexus 6P has been rumored to come with 128GB of internal memory, with the remaining two models coming in the 64 and 32GB capacity versions. Now, despite the fact that Nexus 6P has been rumored to come with a high amount of internal memory, there is a slight chance that Google could omit incorporating a MicroSD card slot altogether. If that happens to be the case, then Nexus 6P could suffer the same fate as Nexus 6. If Motorola can incorporate a removable card slot in its latest Moto X smartphone lineup, then we see no reason why Google cannot follow the same approach as well.

The following has not yet been confirmed, but the pricing difference between each storage model could be between $50-$100, but we are going to have to wait for exact confirmation of this when both devices are announced on September 29. As for the remainder of the hardware, Nexus 6P will come with a 5.7 inch screen that will render a resolution of 1440p. A Snapdragon 810 chipset is going to be found underneath the hood of the smartphone and if the octa-core processor running inside it is going to be running at full speed, then we expect an efficient cooling solution to be present inside Nexus 6P.

The smartphone is also going to be running 3GB of RAM, along with a very large 3,500mAh battery. We expect the price tag of Nexus 6P to be much lower than Nexus 6, which is now being sold at $349 for the base storage model. Do you guys feel that the upcoming smartphone is going to deliver a sizable dent in the market, or will it be a colossal failure like its predecessor? Let us know your thoughts.


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