Google’s Upcoming Nexus Handsets Names Revealed – See All The Details Here


Previously, we reported that the upcoming Nexus smartphone from LG was going to be called Nexus 5X. Now, we have also come across the name of the other smartphone, the one that has been developed as a result of the collaboration taking between Google and Huawei.

Upcoming Google Smartphones Are Going To Be Named Nexus 5X And Nexus 6P  

A source close to the matter states that the smartphone developed through the tag team of LG and Google is going to be called Nexus 5X. After seeing how Nexus 6 did not sell well at all thanks to ludicrously high price tag, Google learned its lesson the hard way and according to our previously published info, the starting price of Nexus 5X is going to be $399.99.

While it is still higher than the starting price of Nexus 5, it will still be a much pricing strategy than what Google thought of with its 5.9 inch Snapdragon 805 powered smartphone. Consumers who are interested in snaring a Nexus 6 can do so by visiting Amazon, where the 32GB model is currently retailing for $349.99 and the 64GB version costs $399.99.

As for the device that is going to be rolled out by Huawei, it is going to be called Nexus 6P and as much as we hate saying this, the upcoming smartphone is going to feature a Snapdragon 810, instead of the Chinese smartphone OEM’s own Kirin chipset.

We did report a benchmarking leak of Nexus 6P, which was being referred to as Huawei Angler, and the Geekbench score did not impress as much as we would have liked. This is because the octa-core processor of Snapdragon 810 was clocked down due to obvious reasons, which is why we still believe that a much better SoC solution would have been the one developed from Huawei itself.

As for Nexus 5X, the handset is going to be running a Snapdragon 808 along with 3GB of RAM, and it is expected that both of these devices are going to be running Android Marshmallow ‘out of the box’. Due to sporting better hardware, Huawei Nexus 6P is going to be slightly more expensive than the LG model, but we are going to wait for exact details to come in before we can come to a conclusion of how these smartphones will fare when compared to its competitors.

Do you guys feel that Nexus 5X and 6P can make a noticeable dent in the smartphone market despite being released at a later period in the year? Let us know your thoughts.