Next Windows 10 Redstone Previews to Focus on Implementing Edge Improvements


After what seemed like forever, Microsoft is finally starting to focus on introducing new features in the upcoming Windows 10 Redstone builds. According to reports, the company's first emphasis would be Windows 10 Edge, Microsoft's newest browser.

windows 10 edge enhancements

Edge to get some love in the upcoming preview builds:

After replacing the bug-magnet that was Internet Explorer, Microsoft's Edge browser also wants to compete against the more popular browsers like Google's Chrome. Unlike Chrome though, Edge is yet to be considered a complete browser as it lacks some significant features, including the support for browser extensions. We have previously heard about this support, but Microsoft moved from the original plan to focus on the latest operating system's stability and performance. Now that we have received a few builds introducing nothing new, but fixing bugs, it is expected that the company will now be able to work on the long-awaited major features.

According to a new report, Redmond is ready to roll out several important updates to its Edge browser in the coming preview builds. The company is reportedly testing some of these expected improvements internally. As to what improvements and enhancements we will be seeing in the browser, Winbeta reports,

1- Edge now features a save download prompt, meaning Edge will no longer automatically save downloads when a download is being offered.

2- Microsoft is also working on implementing a number of new technologies behind the scenes as well, such as Web Notifications.

3- The company is also making it easier to open inPrivate tabs on Mobile, with the latest Windows 10 Mobile builds featuring a button that opens an inPrivate tab directly from the tab screen.

The first of these improvements, download prompt for Edge, has been a long-requested feature. Currently, it downloads a file automatically without a user's consent, potentially posing a security risk downloading whatever a webpage has to offer. Storage of the location cannot be changed, making it a convenience issue as well.

Edge improvements for Windows 10 Mobile:

Microsoft is also testing some Edge improvements on Windows 10 Mobile. One of these includes an option to easily open an inPrivate tab right from the tab screen. Right now, the feature is hidden inside a menu.

Among other enhancements, Edge will also get support for web notifications, a feature available in other leading browsers. The report says that the "flags area within Edge includes an option to enable Web Notifications." It is, however, unclear if the feature will actually work when the next Insider build is rolled out to the Fast ring.

Windows 10 PC and Mobile are expected to see new Insider preview builds this week. While the company is internally testing all the above and several other features for its Edge browser, it might be a little too early to get these in the upcoming preview release. Users will, however, appreciate to see the focus finally shifting to new features and enhancements which will be released in the next few builds.