New RE8 Rumors Emerge as Netflix Resident Evil Adaptation Pops Up, Too

Alessio Palumbo
Resident Evil 8 Resident Evil movie reboot

Resident Evil fans had a field day yesterday, between new Resident Evil 8 rumors and the discovery of an upcoming Netflix adaptation of the IP.

Let's begin with the former. German website GAMEZ.DE discussed the new Resident Evil 8 rumors in a YouTube video; RelyOnHorror summarized the information in the following bullet points.

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  • the rumor that the game had been scrapped and development started over (several times) is wrong
  • discussions about the logo design and if the game has an “8” in the title are useless at this point since things can still change a lot
  • release is maybe in 1.5 – 2 years
  • setting: Eastern Europe or an adjacent country to that area
  • village & a snowy landscape
  • castle, but it’s smaller than the one from Resident Evil 4
  • medieval setting and enemy designs
  • not actual werewolves, but wolf-like creatures
  • one or more witches will be hunting Ethan
  • even though it sounds like the Hookman from 3.5, it’s something new
  • zombies are wearing knight armor & wield swords
  • more action-heavy than Resident Evil 7, closer to Not a Hero gameplay-wise
  • director has been with Capcom for a while & didn’t change/leave (correction from previous post)
  • director was previously a behind the scenes executive producer who directed one game
  • Chris returns, but with a twist
  • no spoilers here, but a hint in the video’s outro (no German skills needed to understand it) “No, it can’t be! Why you?!”

Much of this info does line up with previous rumors, though there's some new stuff as well. Either way, it does seem like the reveal of Resident Evil 8 is still some ways off.

Moving on to the Netflix adaptation news, a brief description of the TV series popped up on the Netflix Media Center. Here's what it said:

The town of Clearfield, MD has long stood in the shadow of three seemingly unrelated behemoths – the Umbrella Corporation, the decommissioned Greenwood Asylum, and Washington, D.C. Today, twenty-six years after the discovery of the T-Virus, secrets held by the three will start to be revealed at the first signs of outbreak.

We did cover a rumor by Deadline in January 2019 about a Netflix Resident Evil TV series in the works. It looks like it's finally happening, though as the description has been taken down on the Media Center, Netflix might not be ready for the announcement yet. Stay tuned.

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