New iMac 2012 21.5 Inch Model Ships On Friday, 27 Inch In December


Apple announced a slew of products last months among which were the new iMac 2012 models. At first glance it is undeniable that these new models look anything but drop dead gorgeous. At the event Apple did not provide a concrete date for the shipment of these models. Today the company has confirmed that the new iMac 2012 21.5 inch model will begin shipping this Friday whereas the behemoth 27 inch model will begin shipping in December.

New iMac 2012

Just last month Apple held a special media event to unveil some of its latest products. These products included the much awaited iPad Mini, a new 13 inch Retina Display Macbook Pro, a rather unexpected fourth generation iPad and the new iMac 2012 models which were surely the show stoppers that evening. For long it was expected that Apple is due to update the entire iMac lineup. It did that in true Apple fashion, giving us something like we had never seen before.

Apple itself says that these new iMac models are the most beautiful iMacs that they have ever made. I for one do not disagree with them. Nearly every Mac users and every Apple lover is besotted with these new machines. Keeping in line with the announcements that were made at the event, the new iMac 2012 21.5 inch model will start shipping to eagerly awaiting customers on Friday, November 30th, 2012.

Beauty may certainly be in the eyes of the beholder but in order to behold one of these puppies, customers will need to shell out $1299 for the base 21.5 inch model which comes with 8GB of RAM, a 1TB hard-drive and a 2.7GHz quadcore Intel Core i5 processor. Customers may chose to upgrade the processor to 2.9GHz at an added cost.

The wait is not long even if you're waiting for the new iMac 2012 27 inch model as Apple reiterates that it will start shipping said model in December. So, who isn't getting one?