New Google Phone With a 6.67-inch 120Hz Display Provided by Samsung, BOE Reportedly in the Works

New Google Phone With a 6.67-inch 120Hz Display Provided by Samsung, BOE Reportedly in the Works

Shortly after the Pixel 4a became official, it didn’t take long for a fresh report to come out stating that Google might be working closely with display manufacturers Samsung and BOE to release a new smartphone with a massive 6.67-inch display. The last time Google launched a device similar to this screen size was when it partnered with Motorola to release the Nexus 6 back in 2014; it featured a 5.96-inch panel. This time, Google might be matching the screen size with its other smartphone competitors and what’s more, is that this model is rumored to arrive with more features.

It’s Likely This Unnamed 6.67-inch Handset Will Arrive in 2021 Instead of This Year

According to Ross Young from DSCC, Google may release a smartphone with a 6.67-inch display that will be supplied by Samsung and BOE. Though it’s not confirmed if the technology will be LCD or OLED, our gut tells us that it will be OLED since both Samsung and BOE have ramped up OLED production immensely this year. It also doesn’t look like Google will release this large-screen model this year as the upcoming Pixel 5 is rumored to a sport 5.78-inch display.

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However, we believe that the 6.67-inch handset may arrive in 2021, which may also be the year Google uses a custom silicon that’s rumored to be made in collaboration with Samsung for the Pixel 6. If it’s not a custom part, then the company will have no choice but to stick with a Snapdragon 875, a Snapdragon 875G or a slightly less powerful SoC from Qualcomm to save on costs. Ross Young also states that this model will provide 5G support and will have a 120Hz refresh rate.

So far, there’s no smartphone released by Google that supports a 120Hz refresh rate. The company did release the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL with a 90Hz OLED but that’s about it, so seeing that display refresh rate actually competing with what Google’s rivals are churning out is getting us excited for the future.

Regardless, whether or not this is true, we want you to treat this report with a pinch of salt for now and we’ll be back with more details in the future. What other features do you wish to see from this unnamed Google smartphone? Do share what you think down in the comments.

News Source: Twitter (Ross Young)

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