New Fallout 76 Mod Introduces Highly Requested Text Chat Feature


Being an online-only game, Fallout 76 is all about interacting with other players in a variety of ways. Many have been asking Bethesda to implement more ways to communicate with others other than proximity voice chat, but the developer has yet to introduce them. Thankfully, a modder managed to introduce a new way to talk with others for the PC version of the game.

The Proximity Text Chat Fallout 76 mod introduces the ability to text chat with other players who are within 100m.

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Proximity Text Chat is a mod that allows nearby players to communicate with one another through text chat. (The other players must also have the mod installed) The range is 100m which is slightly higher than the render distance of name plates. Text Chat is a feature that I have personally asked for by many people. Without any word from Bethesda about when this feature will be coming, I have decided to add it myself.

Proximity Based Text Chat
Ability to see if a player you are attempting to talk with is also using the mod (their name will be blue)
Version Update Notification

To activate chat press the ~ key (tilde), this will open the chat entry box. Then you will be able to type as normal. Press enter once you are done to finish sending your message.

"On german keyboards the hotkey is "ö" " - Terlnexus, thanks for this tip 🙂

Additional Notes
This mod is a work in progress, and while I will make a reasonable effort to ensure there are no bugs, some users may occasionally run into them. There are no guarantees regarding stability or crashes with the server or client.
This mod is only functional because of the use of a third party server. The only information that is sent to the server is, nearby players, your name (the one visible to everyone), and your message. None of this information is stored. Player clients do not interact with one another, all communication happens with the server, the server then relays the message to the appropriate players.

Future Plans
Adding the ability for team chat, or friend chat.
Have an idea? Feel free to suggest it!

That said, the usage of this particular Fallout 76 mod may be shortlived as the developers already expressed interest in enabling actual text chat in the game soon.

Fallout 76 is now out on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in all regions.