New Disqus and Moderation Update


Important Site Notification

Disqus update introduces user-blocking

Hello folks,

I will be addressing some new changes in this post. Disqus has launched their new user-blocking feature which will allow readers of our blog to ban users they find disagreeable. Since many of you have complained about the state of moderation and the rules itself, this will allow you to take matters into your own hand.

If you think you would rather not see someone's comments - you can simply block him.

That said, this will have no effect on our moderation policy. Just because Disqus has introduced a new block feature does not mean we will be laxing our moderation on the site at large. We support free speech more than any other site, but offensive/racist slurs and threats of any kind (DOXing) will be treated very severely (and to the full extent of the law).

In an opinion, you can agree to disagree. But keep it civil and keep the debate going!

Here is the update in case anyone missed it:

Good afternoon everyone! I wanted to share the latest disqus feature with our lil community of LS in case you missed the pop up on your notifications. Block Feature

You can now block other members who have become a nuisance for you.
Simply hover over the little dropdown arrow you would normally use to mark an inappropriate comment and you will see the option to block user. Click and you won't see comment from that individual any longer. Easy:)

This is a DISQUS WIDE FEATURE. Blocking someone on LS will mean you can't see them anywhere. - Source