New CEMU Version 1.15.4 Released for Patreons; Offers Stability Improvements and Optimizations

Aernout van de Velde

CEMU version 1.15.4 has been released for Patreon backers and offers stability improvements alongside some minor optimizations.

As said, the new CEMU version is currently only available for Patreons, but will be released to the general public soon. Alongside the changes mentioned above, CEMU version 1.15.4 adds support for hot plugging configured controllers while a game is running, and h264 decoding support.

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We’ve included the full release notes for this new version down below alongside some new videos using CEMU version 1.15.4:

CEMU 1.15.4 Version Release Notes

general: GamePad view now works with OSScreen API (used by some homebrew)

debugger: Various stability improvements and bug fixes

H264: Added full h264.rpl module implementation (#25)

CPU/JIT: Implemented PSQ_L type 9 (single U16 load) (#30)

GX2: Fixed a bug when determining vertex winding order for primitive RECTS with non-standard vertex shader attribute mapping
GX2: Fixed a bug in texture copy operations with non-zero mip levels (#19)
GX2: Added support for texture formats X24_G8_UINT and D32_FLOAT_S8_UINT (#9)
GX2: Minor optimizations

nlibcurl: Several crash bugs fixed

input: Added support for hot plugging configured controllers while a game is running

nn_boss: SpotPass files are now cached across Cemu sessions and only redownloaded if they are outdated
nn_boss: Added support for RawDlTaskSetting API in tasks and file handling (#31)
nn_boss: Fixed incorrect http headers in web requests
nn_boss: Fixed a bug in task.StopScheduling()

nsysnet: Improved robustness

CEMU version 1.15.3b, the most current version for the general public, can be downloaded right here.

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