New Version Wii U Emulator CEMU 1.15.1 is Being Released Later This Week; Offers Numerous Improvements

cemu 1.15.1

A new version of Wii U Emulator CEMU has been released for Patreon backers and will be made available for everyone later this week.

CEMU 1.15.1 offers numerous improvements to Wiimotes, fixes issues with controller profile saving/loading when using certain UI languages and fixes an issue where the playback cursor could run out of bounds for ADPCM streams. We’ve included the release notes for CEMU version 1.15.1 down below alongside some a few videos of Wii U games running on the new version:

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CEMU 1.15.1 Release Notes

  • debugger: Cemuhook code cave area can now be viewed in disassembly view
  • gfxPacks: Graphic pack window now has an option to automatically download latest community packs
  • gfxPacks: Cemu will now scan subfolders for graphic packs
  • input: Replaced existing Wiimote library with our own implementation
    This should bring the following improvements:
    – Slightly better performance when using wiimotes
    – Better support for wiimote extensions
    – Easier to maintain and fix bugs in the future
  • input: Wiimotes now include the connected extension type in the name in input settings
  • input: Fixed issues with controller profile saving/loading when using certain UI languages
  • input: Added support for native Wiimote classic controller extension
  • input: Fixed blow microphone button
  • padscore: Fixed acceleration values for wiimote in KPADRead()
  • AX: Fixed bug where playback cursor could run out of bounds for ADPCM streams
  • AX: Added snduser2.rpl HLE implementation
  • AX: Fixed incorrect volume and delta calculation in snd_user
  • AX: Added API AXSetVoiceSamplesAddr (snd_core and sndcore2)
  • AX: Merged Cemu’s snd_core and sndcore2 driver code to simplify handling of sound internally
  • GX2: Intel -nolegacy is now the default mode. Support for older Intel GPUs can now be enabled with -legacy command line option
  • GX2: Nvidia GLcache will now be stored at /shaderCache/driver/nvidia/ with size limit disabled (if supported by driver)
  • overlay: Fixed crash that could occur when the
  • overlay was enabled but no stats were selected
  • overlay: Fixed render state corruption
  • nsysnet: Fixed rare crash in recvfrom_ex

CEMU was first released back in 2015 and the team has made considerable progress with the project since 2017.

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