CEMU 1.15.3 Released for Patreons; Reduces Micro-Stuttering & Shader Screen Now Displays Game Boot Image


A new version of Wii U PC emulator CEMU, CEMU 1.15.3, has been released for Patreons and reduces micro-stuttering alongside other changes.

The new version of the emulator will be released to the public next week on March 7th but has already been made available for Patreon backers. Aside from the above mentioned improvements to micro-stuttering, the new version also comes with a shader screen that displays the game boot image.

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Additionally, version 1.15.3 also offers crash and input fixes alongside new debug tools.

We’ve included the full release notes for this new version, alongside some video from Wii U games running on CEMU 1.15.3, down below:

CEMU 1.15.3 Release Notes

# Cemu detailed changelog for 1.15.3
# Patreon release date: 2019-02-28
# Public release date: 2019-03-07

general: Display meta/bootTvTex.tga when booting a game and while compiling shaders (ref: http://bugs.cemu.info/issues/1)
general: Reworked shader cache loading screen to scale better on higher resolutions
general: Changed settings.xml to be more portable (use relative paths where possible)

CPU/JIT: JIT recompilation of functions is now multi-threaded if multi-core recompiler is enabled (slightly reduces micro-stutter caused by recompilation)

debug: Added debug option which dumps the WUD filesystem of the currently running game to dump/ folder (WUD/WUX extractor)
debug: Fixed a bug where the RAM dump feature would silently fail because it would not create the dump folder

GX2: Added frame profiler (can be toggeled via debug menu)
GX2: Optimized texture loader
GX2: Minor optimizations in various GX2 API functions
GX2: Fixed random crash due to out-of-bounds access in texture code
GX2: Fixed crash that could occur when GPU buffer cache accuracy was set to high
GX2: Increased time before restorable textures are dropped from texture cache (from 15 seconds to 2 minutes)

coreinit: Fixed incorrect timeout calculation in spinlock AcquireSpinLockWithTimeout API

padscore: WPADGetInfoAsync no longer crashes when no callback is provided

input: DirectInput rumble will only be initialized if the rumble value is set to non-zero (workaround for a crash bug in a common DirectInput driver)

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The Patreon release of CEMU Version 1.15.3 can be downloaded here.