Netflix is “Seriously Exploring” Cloud Gaming as it Opens a Fifth Studio

Ule Lopez

Netflix has continued to show interest in the world of Cloud Gaming. It's not strange, considering the success of Xbox Game Pass (xCloud) and GeForce NOW. Now that the company has opened its fifth internal studio, the company seems bent on improving its game strategy and possibly bringing a Cloud Gaming service along the way.

This was revealed during an on-stage session with the company's vice president of gaming Mike Verdu, at TechCrunch Disrupt, who said that Netflix is "seriously exploring a cloud gaming offering." Talking with TechCrunch, Verdu stated that this would be a completely different business model that, while not necessarily replacing consoles, can work as a way for players to play games wherever they are without issue.

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Of course, one will not hesitate to bat an eye toward the recent closure of Google Stadia. TC tackled this and asked Verdu about his thoughts on the subject. The executive said that while Stadia did indeed fail, it was a technical success. The only issues that it had stemmed from its business model.

Moving onto the next part of this news, the fifth internal development studio was created in Southern California. This studio is led by Shacko Sonny, a former Overwatch executive producer. Verdu believes that this new studio exists as a sign of Netflix's commitment to its gaming operations and, from his wording, the company's future as a whole.

Some of Netflix's games will be based on licensed IP, such as Spongebob Squarepants, while others will be based on the streaming firm's own franchises, including Stranger Things. The executive also mentioned that the goal is to have the latter represent 50% of the overall games library available on Netflix.

We'll continue to update on the developments of this story as they come. In other Netflix-related news, the company has recently introduced a new feature called "Profile Transfer, " allowing users to migrate their personal and curated profiles from someone else's account to their new account.

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