NCSOFT Announces Project LLL, an Open-World MMO Shooter for PC and Consoles

Ule Lopez

MMO shooting games are something of a rarity in the MMO scene; not many of them really take off, unlike other MMO subgenres like MMORPGs. Warframe is a rather great example of this, as it still retains a pretty healthy player base even after being out for nine years. NCSOFT enters the scene here, as they have a brand-new project in the MMO shooter scene: Project LLL.

Codenamed Project LLL, this game serves as an open-world MMO third-person shooter and is currently under development. Project LLL’s gameplay has a sci-fi theme to it and is set to release on consoles and PCs in 2024. NCSOFT has a brand-new trailer for Project LLL available, which you can see below.

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Today, developer talks were also found online, including comments from project lead Seeder Jaehyun Bae, broaching various topics within the game’s intent and content. “We wanted to create a new genre that is completely different from the recently popular looter shooter or battle royale. We want to create a new market exclusive to NC with a new IP incorporating the keywords ‘shooter,’ ‘MMO,’ and ‘open world.’ We are developing a project that combines different play styles and elements from NC’s previous games, and we are very excited to share a sneak peek with our community.”

For more comments relating to Project LLL’s development, you can find them in the Developer Talks video below.

The game takes place in Seoul, South Korea, after the city has been devastated by conflict. This game differs from previous NCSOFT games and properties by having fleshed-out predefined characters, each containing a unique name, story, and various driving forces for their motivations.

We’ll continue to update on Project LLL, including updates, gameplay, beta tests, and more, as it’s released. Project LLL is slated to release sometime in 2024 on consoles and PCs.

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