Horizon MMO Game Reportedly in the Works; Supposedly Made by Sony and NCSoft

Ule Lopez

Horizon Forbidden West has been out for almost nine months now and is a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. Originally launching in February, the following months had seen updates ranging from bug fixes to adding in new face paint. As for the future, Horizon may see a new project added to its library if a report from South Korea is to be believed. Let’s break it down.

South Korean outlet MTN reported (caught by VGC) that Sony is partnering with NCSoft, a South Korean developer and publisher, to work on the project. If you’re unsure what NCSoft has worked on, they’re responsible for the Lineage and Guild Wars series. This new game project is known as “Project H” in job advertisements in Korea.

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If these reports are to be believed, Sony seeking out NCSoft makes sense, as they also want to add live-service titles to the PS5’s library. Meanwhile, Guerilla Games has reportedly begun working on a multiplayer spin-off for PS5 and PC, but that hasn’t come to fruition yet. As for their involvement in the Horizon MMO project, this is currently unknown.

Guerilla currently has their hands full making a PlayStation VR2 game (Horizon Call of the Mountain), as well as a Horizon Zero Dawn PS5 remaster (which, to be frank, feels like it’s a bit early for that). Other than that, there isn’t much that we know from this other than “an MMO exists and is in development.”

Horizon Forbidden West could still get content in the future if Lance Reddick’s comments from the end of September are anything to go off of. What that future content shapes up to be isn’t known, either, but we’ll update as more information on it is released. We’ll continue to update as more information on Horizon Forbidden West is released.

Horizon Forbidden West is available now on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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