Mushkin Releases the NVMe ALPHA Series SSD

Evan Federowicz
Source: Mushkin

Mushkin has released the ALPHA SSD Series, featuring two fantastic large capacities. These two capacities are the 4 TB and the 8 TB, which are impressively large. These NVMe SSDs are perfect for high-end gaming PCs or video editing PCs. The 4 TB model and the 8 TB model are currently available through Amazon for $649.99 and $1,605.99, respectively.

The ALPHA SSD Series comes in two capacities, a 4 TB model and an impressive 8 TB model

Both of these SSDs feature the same design, and This design features a blue color scheme with the ALPHA logo printed on the side of the SSD. This series of SSD comes in two capacities, and these capacities are the 4 TB model and the 8 TB model. While an 8 TB SSD or a 4 TB may be overkill for gaming PCs, big data, external storage systems may be a perfect capacity for cloud computing, big data, and external storage systems. These SSDs offer compatibility for Desktops and Laptops, ensuring that users are looking to build a new PC or upgrade the storage in a laptop.

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Source: Mushkin

The ALPA SSDs offer end-to-end data protection using AES 256-bit hardware-based encryption, and this ensures that the data is stored safely and securely. These SSDs feature Global wear-leveling evens program/erase counts across data blocks to extend lifespan. This, paired with a three-year warranty, makes this SSD a perfect purchase.

Source: Mushkin

Both of the ALPHA SSDs utilize the Phison E125 controller, which balances performance, capacity, cost and ensures that the SSD is energy efficient. This controller ensures that these SSDs are valuable for any data center manager or high-end computers for professional work or gaming.

The 4 TB model has a price tag of $649.99, which isn't a cheap purchase but is well worth it for the faster speeds that the NVMe SSDs can provide. The 4 TB offers a max read speed of 3,200 MB/s and a max writes speed of 3,000 MB/s.

The larger capacity is the ALPHA series's 8 TB model, which offers a maximum read speed of 3,400 MB/s and a Maximum write speed of 3,000 MB/s. The 8 TB model features a $1,605.99 price tag, which is incredibly expensive for any PC builder to consider.

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