Sabrent Launches the Rocket Q NVMe SSD Lineup With The First 8 TB NVMe SSD

Evan Federowicz

Sabrent launches the Rocket Q 8 TB NVMe SSD, and this is the world's first 8 TB SSD. This NVMe SSD may be the first step in replacing the traditional HDD. This SSD utilizes Micron NAND flash chips, the Sabrent RKT 303 Controller and to connect to PCs this SSD uses the PCIe Gen3x4 interface. The combination of these fantastic internals allows this SSD to offer fast speed and a larger capacity of up to 8 TB.

Sabrent introduces the Rocket Q NVMe SSDs, feature capacities of up to 8 TB, with smallest capacities of just 500 GB

The Sabrent Rocket Q 8 TB NVMe SSD comes in a total of five different capacities; this includes 500 GB, a 1 TB model, a 2 TB model, a 4 TB model, and the largest capacities version of this NVMe drive is an absolutely massive 8 TB. Alongside the larger capacities, this SSD features an incredibly fast read and write speeds of up to 3,400 MB/s read, and 3,000 MB/s write speeds.

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The larger and faster capacities are facilitated by both the NAND flash chips and the memory controller. The NAND chips are created designed as QLC NAND flash chips. The QLC, or Quadruple Level Cell, NAND flash chips, have a total of four bits per cell, which allows for both faster speeds as well as larger overall capacities. The QLC technology's ability also increases per-server density reduces rack space by up to 7.7 times compared to the traditional 2 TB HDDs. That makes these drives perfect for data center applications.

The QLC NAND Flash allows Sabrent to feature two times the capacity of other NVMe SSD that utilizes the TLC-based NAND flash.

This technology also allows these drives to feature unmatched reliability, and these NVMe SSDs feature Advanced wear leveling, Bad Block Management, and even Over-Provision. These technologies allow these drives to feature not only a long life of usage as well as fantastic data reliability.

These NVMe SSDs allow computers to runs faster and boot at a much quicker rate when compared to standard SATA-based SSDs. These drives are also optimized to offer the best performance while keeping these drives at a very affordable price.

Sabrent has not released pricing for these drives.

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