MSI Unveils The PRO MP241: A Professional But Efficient Monitor

Evan Federowicz
Source: MSI

MSI has unveiled the PRO MP241, which is a professional-grade monitor that not only features a 23.8" display size but also utilizes an IPS panel to offer wide view angles. The resolution of this professional-grade monitor is 1920 x 1080 or known as Full HD, with a refresh rate of up to 60 Hz and a response time of 7 ms.

MSI's PRO MP241 is an ideal monitor for a home office and has been designed with professionals in mind

The PRO MP241 is designed with the professional in mind, which is shown in the black design of the monitor with the minimal side bezels. The side bezels allow this monitor to be an excellent choice for a multi-monitor set up. The front of the monitor features not only the display itself but features one of the only two MSI logos shown on this monitor, and the other logo is located on the back of the monitor.

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Source: MSI

This PRO MP241 features a 23.8" screen size, which is an ideal size for interior design, programming, and various other applications. The screen size enables users to either have a smaller desk or have a large amount of space for their other equipment. This monitor makes use of an IPS panel, which not only allows for the 178° viewing angles but also allows for excellent color accuracy and excellent brightness, which ensures that users can easily see what they are working on!

Source: MSI

One feature that may be crucial to other users is the MSI Display Kit's feature to split the screen in half between two separate display inputs. The back of the monitor features a single HDMI port and Single D-Sub port.

The Full HD resolution makes this monitor perfect for a home office as at this resolution, an on-line conference offers fantastic clarity, or it will be perfect for enjoying some videos at your desk during your lunch break. Another excellent feature that makes this monitor ideal for a home office is the stand allowing for a tilt adjustment ranging from -5° to 15°. This tilt allows the monitor to be a perfect choice for virtually any desk arrangement. Sadly, no pricing information for the PRO MP241 is currently available.

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