MSI Add to the B450 MAX Series with Gaming Pro Carbon MAX WiFi and Bazooka MAX WiFi

Source: MSI

MSI has introduced two new motherboards in its B450 MAX series line-up. The new boards include the B450 Gaming Pro Carbon MAX WiFi and the B450M Bazooka MAX WiFi, both of which are fully compatible with AMD's 3rd generation Ryzen processors. These new MAX motherboards are optimized with the best compatibility in every aspect.

MSI has added two new motherboards to its B450 Max Lineup, the B450 Gaming Pro Carbon MAX WiFi, and the B450M Bazooka MAX WiFi

The Gaming Pro Carbon gaming motherboard now includes a MAX version for stylish gamers to match with the newer 3rd generation Ryzen processors. This motherboard features 17 LED effects that allow you to use the supported million colors, and Mystic Light offers customization options for ever-changing RGB experience.

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B450 Gaming Pro Carbon MAX WiFi
Source: MSI

This motherboard is also equipped with USB 3.2 Gen 2 solution with up to 10 GB per second transfer speed. The B450 Gaming Pro Carbon MAX WiFi includes an Extended Heatsink Design and M.2 Shield to ensure adequate heat dissipation and lower temperatures for the CPU and M.2 devices. The Flash BIOS button becomes significantly more important and gives more convenience for BIOS updates.

MSI's MAG series of motherboards provide the best value with the best price on the motherboard market. The B450M Bazooka MAX WiFi is the first MAG motherboard to feature a Micro-ATX form factor to also features an integrated WiFi Solution. This onboard WiFi solution delivers a wireless connection with lower CPU loading and overall better long-term usage.

B450M Bazooka
Source: MSI

This motherboard also features a 32 MB BIOS ROM for AMD 3rd Generation Ryzen processor with a more user-friendly click BIOS 5. Alongside the BIOS ROM, this motherboard features a Turbo M.2 and USB Gen 1 to ensure a stable and fast gaming experience. The B450M Bazooka MAX WiFi motherboard features MSI's Audio Boost feature that allows gamers to have studio-grade sound quality, and this makes gaming a much more immersive experience. The additional RGB pin headers, including two JRGB and two JRAINBOW connectors, also make gamers easily decorate the system with RGB and RAINBOW strips.

MSI has not released any pricing for these motherboards.

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