Intel Arc Alchemist Gaming Graphics Card Pictured, Gets Detailed Cooler & PCB Shots


New photos of the unreleased Intel ARC Alchemist gaming graphics card appear on the Internet, allowing for a closer look at the cooler and the backside of the PCB. This is the third engineering sample pictured since Intel revealed its next-gen graphics lineup.

Intel Arc Alchemist Graphics Card Pictured Once Again, ES Sample Shows Detailed Cooler & PCB

The Intel ARC Alchemist graphics card was first visually demonstrated by YouTuber Moore's Law Is Dead. Intel's new card originally showcased a black cover with an elongated green printed circuit board back when we first saw it as an engineering sample. Later, it was showcased with a modern silver aesthetic but the latest shots once again show a black-colored shroud.

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The photos may be our first look at the new technology appearing on the engineering sample. This new sample is supplied with a black dual-fan cooling technology, which matches the same layouts in the earlier leaked photos. There is a more noticeable view of the I/O bracket with these new photos that uses three DisplayPort connectors and a single HDMI connection. Intel has confirmed that the new ARC Alchemist will begin graphics card architectures to support the newest DisplayPort 2.0.

The printed circuit board displays as many as eight memory modules. From this observation, the card is possibly the 16 GB model (considered the flagship model of Intel's new line) or a lesser model, such as the 12 GB version. It is hard to tell which card is confirmed in the photos due to the inability to see the opposite side of the PCB.

We can see that the engineering sample is supplied with 6-pin and 8-pin power connectors with room for an additional dual 8-pin layout if demanded. VideoCardz notes that the pictures provided can be construed as a hybrid of the other two engineering samples that we have seen previously from YouTuber Moore’s Law is Dead.

The photos do not show any changes to the main architecture of the Intel ARC Alchemist graphics card outside of the aesthetic design alterations. However, the new pictures could signal that Intel is preparing to launch shortly, even though the current rumors mention that the new 16 GB desktop ARC SKU will not launch until Q2 of 2022.