Mophie Brings Higher Battery Life and Wireless Charging to Your iPhone 7


A popular name for smartphone accessories, Mophie has launched new battery cases for both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, allowing you to experience more talk-time out of the latest flagship family from Apple. In addition to providing the smartphones with extra juice, these battery cases also double as a wireless charger, so you pretty much have a makeshift ‘no strings attached’ way of increasing the battery level for your iPhone.

iPhone 7 Battery Case Surprisingly Features a Larger Cell Compared to iPhone 7 Plus’ Accessory

Both the battery cases are available to purchase right now and the unusual thing we noticed about both accessories is that the one made for the iPhone 7 is actually larger when comparing the battery capacity for the iPhone 7 Plus. It is possible that Mophie limited the battery capacity because the phablet-sized iPhone already features a hefty cell inside its housing, negating the need for a larger battery inside the accessory. Regardless, the battery capacity details for both cases have been listed below:

  • iPhone 7 battery case: 2,525mAh
  • iPhone 7 Plus battery case: 2,420mAh

According to the manufacturer, iPhone 7 users will be able to rake up to 27 hours of additional battery life, while the iPhone 7 Plus users will be able to experience up to 33 hours, making it a significant upgrade compared to the previous ratings detailed by Apple. The added perk of owning the case is that both of them provide support for wireless charging, meaning that while the cases are attached to the devices, you can listen to media and charge it at the same time. Both the Mophie battery cases are available for the price of $99.95 and available in the following colors:

  • Rose gold
  • Navy blue
  • Gold
  • Black
  • Red

If you want to check out the wide array of products they have on their website, be sure to visit Mophie right away.