Moons of Madness Drops an Intense Launch Trailer, Game Available Now on PC

Nathan Birch
Moons of Madness

Looking for something good and atmospheric to play this Halloween season? Well, you might want to check out the sci-fi/Lovecraft mashup Moons of Madness, which is out…right now on PC! Publisher Funcom has released a launch trailer for the game, which you can check out below.

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Want a little more? Here’s a brief gameplay clip, which shows your first encounter with an actual monster in the game. Moons of Madness isn’t all about the atmosphere – there are also plenty of tentacles to go around!

Still not sure what the game is all about? Here’s a little more info about Moons of Madness’ story:

In Moons of Madness you play Shane Newehart, a technician stationed at the Invictus, a secret research base built by the Orochi group. Your low security clearance means you are completely unaware of the existence of a mysterious, intelligent signal that has been detected on the red planet. Your job is simply to keep the lights on until the transport ship Cyrano arrives bringing with it a new team to take over your duties. Soon you discover strange and unusual setbacks. Crucial systems are malfunctioning, the greenhouse is filled with a strange mist and the rest of your team have yet to return from their EVA mission. You begin seeing and hearing things that aren’t there. Visions, hallucinations – or is that even what it is? Is this real…or are you slowly descending into madness?

I got a chance to go hands-on with a Moons of Madness demo at E3, and I mostly enjoyed what I played. The chunk of the game I experienced was fairly low-key, but based on these new trailers, then game will eventually get pretty intense.

Moons of Madness is available now on Steam at budget $25 price point. If you’re hoping to play on Xbox One and PS4, you’ll have to wait until January 21, 2020. Moons of Madness codes went out late, but expect a full review from yours truly before Halloween.

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