Montech Has Released A High Performance PC Case: The Air X ARGB


Montech recently announced the Air X ARGB, which is the next PC case in Montech's Air series of PC cases. The Air X ARGB has some fantastic features like a Diamond Mesh front air intake, a 6-port ARGB fan controller, and three pre-installed fans for some excellent cooling, this case has two 200 mm fans installed on the front of the case as an air intake, and one 120 mm ARGB fan as an exhaust.

The Air X ARGB has some fantastic features and is going to come in either black color or the white color, and the Air X ARGB cases are projected to be available in April of 2020

Air X ARGB has a wide range of features that enhance the already fantastic design besides the Diamond front mesh, and these features are a tempered glass side panel and a 6-port ARGB fan controller. The tempered glass side panel uses a new sliding mechanism that stops the need to drill four holes in each corner of the glass. This new sliding mechanism allows for more structural strength.

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Source: Montech

This case also comes equipped with a 6-port ARGB fan controller, and this controller has the three 4-pin fan headers populated by the three pre-installed fans. This fan controller uses a higher-end 4-pin fan connector and a 3-pin ARGB connector, instead of the more commonly used Molex connector. This case can either come in a black color or a white color.

For cooling, the Air X ARGB features two 200 mm ARGB front-facing fans, which draw in air through the full metallic Diamond Mesh, this mesh design is perfect for allowing the maximum airflow. This case also comes equipped with a single 120 mm ARGB fan located in the rear of this case, and this fan allows for the air to be pulled through the case and over any components installed. For filtration of the incoming air, this case features a magnetic top and bottom vent screens as well as a Fine Mesh screen for the front diamond mesh.

Source: Montech

This case is going to be priced at $69.99 for the black variant and $72.99 for the Air X ARGB white version. These cases are projected to be available in April 2020.

More Information on Montech

Montech is a manufacturer built around making enthusiast PC cases, power and cooling solutions. Montech is based in Taiwan but is well known around the world.