Abkoncore Announces The H600X Mid-Tower Case With Large Inner Mounting Options


Abkoncore has announced the H600X SYNC PC case, which offers some fantastic features like two front-mounted 200 mm RGB fans, as well as a large spacious interior that is perfect for a high-end gaming PC. This sizeable spacious interior offers support for not only a standard ATX motherboard but also support for Micro ATX as well as Mini ITX motherboards. This means that no matter your PC motherboard size, this case will be able not to have space for it, but also for both a tall CPU cooler as well as a more extended graphics card.

Abkoncore has announced the H600X SYNC PC cases, which is available now and is priced at $92.95

For Compatability, this case offers not only standard ATX motherboards but also taller CPU coolers, with a height of up to 173 mm tall and more extended graphics cards, which can feature a length of up to 358 mm long. This case has a Power supply shroud that allows for power supplies to be up to 350 mm in length, and this more extended compatibility makes this case perfect for a more robust system.

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Source: Abkoncore

The exterior of this case is fantastically designed; the front of the case features a rectangular mesh with a carbon style pattern. Through this mesh, you can see the lights from the two 200 mm fans shine through. On the side of this case, there is a tempered glass side panel, and this side panel allows you to see your installed components with ease. On the rear of this case, there is a single 120 RGB fan, which will enable you to show off your components with ease.

This case has two pre-installed fans that are 200 mm in size and features RGB lighting which is perfect for any gaming rig, as an exhaust there is a single 120 mm RGB fan which allows the case to pull the hot air out of the system quickly. For the filtration of the air that comes into the PC case, there are two separate dust filters, located on the top of the case and the bottom of the case.

This case is available now on abkoncore's website, and this PC case is currently priced at €82,95 / $92.95.