New Versions of Monster Hunter World Transmog Mod & Low Texture Resolution Mod Offer Support for Deviljho Update

Aernout van de Velde
monster hunter world transmog mod deviljho

New versions of the Monster Hunter World Transmog (MHW) mod and Low Texture Resolution Workaround mod have been released which offer support for Deviljho update.

Yesterday’s PC Monster Hunter World update introduced a new monster to the game, the brute Wyvern Deviljho. Unfortunately, the update caused some issues with the MHW Transmod mod and the Low Texture Resolution workaround mod, but these issues have been now been addressed through new versions of the mods.

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Version 1.05 of the Low Texture Resolution mod adds fixed textures for Palico equipment and adds fixed textures for new equipment introduced with the Deviljho update.

The new version of this mod, which addresses the obvious texture issues in the game, can be downloaded here.

To download the new version of the MHW Transmog mod, please check Nexusmods right here. The mod allows players hot swap their appearance with any armor and the game, and the changes are visible to other players as well.

Monster Hunter World is available now for PC and consoles.

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