New Monster Hunter World Mods Introduce New QoL Improvements, Model Replacements

Monster Hunter World

The Monster Hunter World modding community is incredibly active, releasing new mods for the Capcom developed game almost daily. Today, a few more mods have been released, introducing new quality of life improvements and model replacements.

Today's first new mod is the Monster 3 Star Weakness Icon Indicator, which displays the weakness of the monster directly on the icon.

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This mod displays the weakness of the monster directly on the icon.

Just unzip it to the folder where the game is installed.

Other fresh mods are simple model replacements for the Kushala Hammer, Dual Blades Effects and Felyne Iron Sword.

Change Dual Blades Effect

this request by someone and im all weapon user so i decide make it,because there was a bow version already and not bad so i skip bow i make dual blades first.

Hope you Guys Enjoy Hunters

and if you got any problem or suggestion kindly leave me an comment in comment section,there was video sample in video section you can check it before download thank you

how to install
1.Download the version you like you can check the effect on video section
2.After download the zipfile open it then drop it to your main folder of monster hunter world
[X(you drive):\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World\]
3.Enjoy The Slash 😀


These are some model swaps for UberGrainy's felyne iron great sword to replace the iron great sword long sword & charge blade.

There are 3 model swaps to choose from & an optional texture made by Me.

1.A swap for the iron great sword.

This will make the main iron great sword(s) the felyne great sword.

2.A swap for the iron long sword.

This swaps the main iron long sword & removes the sheath.

3.A swap for the iron charge blade.

This one makes the main iron charge blade a felyne iron sword & removes the shield.

To install this mod just drop the NativePC folder into you'r Monster hunter world folder most likely here.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World.

Then enjoy the sword(s). Have fun everyone. ^^

Monster Hunter World is now out on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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