Monster Hunter World FFXV Weapons Mod Allows You to Wear Weapons from Final Fantasy XV


This new Monster Hunter World FFXV weapons mod for pc replaces the game’s most popular weapons with weapons from Final Fantasy XV.

Last week we already covered the Monster Hunter World FFVII mod that allows players to wield Cloud’s Buster Sword, and this time around we cover a Final Fantasy XV replacement mod.

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In addition to replacing the most popular weapon in Monster Hunter World, the modification also introduces special weapon effects from Final Fantasy XV.

We’ve included a short description from the mod below:

Most popular weapons(listed in brief) are replaced

Model and texture are changed

Remake the effect.

Weapons will show when the weapons are drawn. Except for the great sword

The team behind the mod have uploaded some gifs from the mod in action, which we’ve included below as well:

This mod is quite cool and can be downloaded from Nexusmods right here.

Monster Hunter World is available globally now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. This medication is for the pc version only.