Monster Hunter World FFVII Buster Sword Mod Allows Players to Zack and Cloud’s Buster Word


The Monster Hunter World FFVII Buster Sword mod replaces Great Swords in the game with the Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII.

Wielded by Angeal, Zack, and later Cloud Strife, the Buster Sword has always been an impressive sword. It’s quite massive and has served as an iconic image for both Cloud and Final Fantasy VII.

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Created by modder ‘Ezekial’, the Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core (Buster Sword) mod for the PC version of Monster Hunter World lets players wield this mighty weapon. The mod replaces either the Wyvern Ignition or the Kushala great sword for Cloud’s icon weapon.

We’ve included some screenshots from the mod in action below:

Those interested can download this mod right here.