Monster Hunter World PC Gets Character Appearance Import-Export Tool

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A very useful new Monster Hunter World tool has been released today, allowing players to easily change the appearance of their characters in the PC version of the game.

The Monster Hunter World Character Appearance Import-Export Tool allows players to import and export character appearances in shareable JSON snippets. The tool currently only allows to import and export complete character appearances, but it will be possible in the future to just import and export select elements like hair and makeup.

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This tool allows you to import/export character appearances as shareable JSON snippets.

Import appearance:
Open the tool and select your save game.
Then select your character (Player 1 = unused save slot, don't use those, you need to overwrite an existing character)

Go to the Import tab and paste a character's JSON snippet.
You can see what values change in the left panel.
Finish importing the preset by clicking on the Import button.

You can now save the edited save slot by clicking on Save as in the File menu.
Make sure to make a BACKUP OF YOUR CURRENT SAVE (just copy + paste it in the same folder).

The game only reads the file named SAVEDATA1000, so I recommend just renaming your current save file to SAVEDATA1000.bak and then saving the edited file as SAVEDATA1000.

Export appearance:
Open your save file -> select character -> Export Appearance tab and copy all the text there.
You can share this with other players or import it into another save slot (by selecting that slot and pasting the copied code in the Import tab)

Edit own character:
You could also edit your current appearance by going to the Import tab and clicking Fill with current appearance.
After this you can edit the JSON representation on the right side and preview the changes by looking at the left panel.
If the panel doesn't show any changes you either haven't made any or the JSON is invalid.

You can download the tool by heading over to Nexus Mods.

Monster Hunter World is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in all regions.

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