Monster Hunter Rise to Feature Monster Riding Mechanics – Rumor


Monster Hunter Rise is apparently going to feature new monster riding mechanics that will allow hunters to ride monsters into battle.

In a new Reddit post, user PracticalBrush12 revealed that the upcoming new entry in the series will not feature mounting, but these new monster riding mechanics instead. While riding monsters, it will be possible to attack, dodge, and even slam the monster into walls repeatedly.

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So apparently in Rise there will be no mounting, instead you can ride the monsters and use them for battling other ones. How cool is that? You can use it's attacks, dodge and slam it into a wall repeatedly!

While these new Monster Hunter Rise mechanics have yet to be officially revealed, there is a very high chance that they are indeed in the game. PracticalBrush12 not only revealed Monster Hunter Rise before its official announcement but also revealed Byleth and Steve coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate before official confirmation.

Thankfully, we won't have to wait much longer to know if Monster Hunter Rise will indeed feature monster riding mechanics, as a new digital event will be aired later today.

Monster Hunter Rise launches on Nintendo Switch on March 26th. A timed playable demo will be released this month.

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