Modern Warfare Discontent Grows After Rumored Weapons in Loot Boxes and Netcode Analysis

Call of Duty

Modern Warfare seemed to have a pathway to success after the recent Open Beta test. Activision proudly claimed it had been the largest beta ever for the Call of Duty franchise in terms of most hours played, most users and highest peak of concurrent players.

However, the tune quickly changed in the brief span of two days. That all began with the sudden news that Survival Mode, a portion of the Spec Ops cooperative mode, would be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 platform for a full year. Infinity Ward's Taylor Kurosaki downplayed the importance of Survival Mode in the grand picture while adding that such decisions don't really belong to the development team.

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That didn't satisfy the community, though, and today there are two additional bad news tidbits further riling up Call of Duty fans. Leaker TheGamingRevolution, who has a reliable record when it comes to this franchise, took to Twitter to confirm that loot boxes will be in Modern Warfare including weapons, rather than just cosmetic items. He also claimed that there was a 'fair' salvage system for loot boxes that would have lessened the issue, but it has been removed since.

TheGamingRevolution even challenged the aforementioned Infinity Ward claims that Spec Ops mode is only about 1% of the content available in Modern Warfare.

Survival makes up 50% of Spec Ops with the missions being the other 50%... there’s 3 game modes at launch: Campaign, Multiplayer, and Co-Op. So 1/6th =16.6% of the game is PS4 exclusive content. Spec Ops isn't just a measly addon.

From my sources: realistically it makes up about 1/10th of the game since multiplayer has the most content, but it is nowhere near 1%. Maybe it took 1% of dev time to make since they just reused stuff & it was last second, but it'll be by no means 1% of the full game's content.

In addition to all of the above, a Modern Warfare beta netcode analysis posted yesterday by YouTuber BattleNonSense indicates that latency may well be a problem compared to most first-person shooter competitors, including last year's Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

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Whereas the subreddit was previously full of positivity, the first page is now only comprised of posts discussing all of these issues. It remains to be seen how much Infinity Ward will be able to fix ahead of the scheduled October 25th release date of the game.

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