Mobile Pixels Duex Pro is a Portable Second Screen for Laptops


The Duex Pro is a 12.5" Full HD IPS second screen designed for adding a screen to your laptop. This screen offers 1080p IPS Anti-glare with adjustable brightness, which can be mounted onto the back of your laptop for ease of portability.

The Duex Pro offers 12.5" Full HD IPS secondary screen with adjustable brightness along and Anti-glare technology

The Duex Pro is a fantastic addition to any laptop allowing it to run two screens for higher and better productivity at work. The Duex Pro offers a 1080p or a Full HD (FHD) screen, which offers a size of 12.5," allowing for it to be comfortably housed on the back of your laptops already existing screen. The screen has an anti-glare display that offers a max brightness of 300 Nits. The 300 Nits allows the screen to be easily visible in either day or night, all the while just requiring 4.5 watts in power from the USB connection. This allows for up to 8-hours of use for the Macbook Pro.

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The Duex Pro connects to your laptop through either a USB Type-A or a USB Type-C connection, depending on what ports your computer has. To attach this secondary monitor to your laptop, the Duex Pro comes with three sets of adhesive metal plates, which allows you to slide out the Duex Pro and begin using it quickly and easily! This mounting mechanism allows for the screen to be mounted in either the landscape or portrait viewing mode and offer a full 270 degrees of rotation.

The durability of this Duex Pro has been certified by Energy Star, BSMI, CE, FCC, KCC, RoHS, UL, WEEE, CA65, which has been made using high-quality industry materials and can withstand the regular use that comes with transporting this screen with your laptop. The casing that surrounds the screen is made out the high-quality ABS plastic and has a matte black finish, which allows for this screen to blend in easily and not show every scratch.

The Duex Pro offers compatibility with Windows OS, Mac OS, Linux OS along with Chrome OS. This allows for widespread compatibility making this a perfect gift for any laptop user, especially with this screen being on sale at Amazon. The deal makes this regularly $399.99 secondary screen discounted down to just $279.99, taking a whole 30% off the price of this fantastic monitor.