Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Tech Design Director Comments On Side Activities, Total Game’s Length

Around a week ago, some lucky Mirror's Edge series fans have had the chance to try out the new entry of the series, Mirror's Edge Catalyst, before everyone else thanks to the game's closed beta, which has been available on all platforms. Those who have played the game's closed beta have started wondering about some aspects of the game, and some new details on it have come in thanks to one member of the development team.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Tech Design Director, who goes by the name sliced_lime on reddit and Twitter, has answered a couple of fans questions on the game recently. One player asked him on reddit about side content, and it's been revealed that the final game will include more side content in the vein of Fragile Deliveries, where more types of missions become available as more of the supporting system are unlocked.

Hmm... actually not too much. We deliberately haven't said much about the content that wasn't in the beta - let's not spoil it all shall we? 🙂
But yes, there are a few more types of side content much like the Fragile Deliveries that were in the beta, where more types of missions become available as more of the supporting systems are unlocked. Exactly what that entails you'll have to see closer to release.

After checking out the content included in the closed beta, many Mirror's Edge fans have become worried in seeing that very little content represented 28% of the story. The game's tech design cannot reveal the game's total length, as of now, but has reassured players that the total percentage comes from an internal measurement which keeps track of stuff of a certain type that has been completed.

I can't comment on the specifics of the final game I'm afraid. The question came up during the stream as well... but basically what I can say is that the 28% is not calculated from the playtime completion, but rather from an internal measurement of what "stuff of a certain type" has been completed - so something like a tiny tutorial mission like Be Like Water that takes a minute to play counts as much as a full-length mission towards that number.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst launches next month on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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