Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim Now Official.

The much awaited news has finally been revealed. The new Xbox 360 has officially been announced and is much smaller and slimmer than the previous one. The new Slim version is also shiny as it has a glossy look. With Kinetic ( Renamed Project Natal) also revealed the Xbox 360 Slim has also been announced to be going on sale very soon , infact it has already started shipping.

So we can expect the slimmer version in the market around this week which is a great thing or Xbox users. The new Xbox comes with a 250 GB harddisk and built in 802.11n WiFi connectivity. The looks of the slim version are also great with a shiny black frame.

The price of the Xbox 360 Slim has also been revealed which is set at 300$ including the above two mentioned features which is a great price for such a great product.


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